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Comments (6)

  • Volodymyr Dnipro
    Volodymyr Dnipro

    Thanks to you!

  • C4DCore

    Thank you! Really cool. Just a little slow precomputing :)

  • X

    Thank you

  • linlinf

    Thank you



  • Iggy

    Really cool! I hope I find a need for this one day in one of my projects!

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This was a fun project trying to emulate old monitors/TV screens. There are two materials, one is a CRN light material, the other is a CRN Standard. One's better for illumination, the other if you don't need much illumination or also want to have a reflection. I added a glass material that you can put in front of the screen for a more realistic effect. The image is split up into R, G & B. Each color being masked in a dots pattern and later merged with the other colors. The dots Global & U/V sizes in the CRT-Control have to be adjusted according to your Input image. The CRT-Control, controls both materials and there's an optional noise you can turn on or off. and it also changes automatically if you're doing an animation. The noise is masked to the dots size and pattern. Slope Smoothness regulates the patterns hardness/z-falloff. Be careful with the materials preview resolution as it may take a while to compute the shaders. As always, copy the materials with the Xpresso Control object into your scene or vice versa. Known bug: -The input image creates 2 copies of itself when exported w/ assets but behaves normally in regular use. If you like my stuff and want to buy me a coffee, go to: paypal.me/EduardRiegel

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