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Advanced poly Hair(multiple sets.)

Comments (8)

  • fede

    With alpha 6 doesn't works-

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    I would be surprised if it did. As you can see on the right, it's for: "Corona Version: Beta 1 (and above)".

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    Get the latest version at: https://corona-renderer.com/download

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    I updated it to version 1.1. -Some minor bug fixes with the translucency and the c4d hair mode -Added illumination Grab the latest version here, as it's not yet possible can't update materials on this site: https://corona-renderer.com/forum/index.php?topic=19309.0

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    Version 1.2: Added Opacity fall-off (currently spline controlled, might change completely in later version) Minor fixes + more support of C4D's hair shader

  • TecniciMC2

    Very Cool!

  • thiago belarmino
    thiago belarmino


  • Iggy

    Renders great...thanks.

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Advanced poly Hair(multiple sets.)

The first version of my Hair "Shader". I've built in multiple modes:: 2 for the diffuse and 2 for the gloss. The first diffuse mode uses a gradient for the hair colorization. The second one is connected to the c4d hair material that is being created when hair is created. For the glossiness modes, try what looks best on your hair, both modes react to all other options in the spec tab. There is also a normal bump to simulate the scales on the hair, giving it a slight shift that can be enabled together with the other options or just used by itself. Usage: Import the "ctrl" null-object with expresso tag! "hair_matX" (crn material) and "c4dhairX" (c4d hair material) into your scene. If you already have a c4d hair material connected to existing hair, switch that with the provided "c4dhairX" material and add the "hair_matX" material to the hair. (both tags MUST be on the hair) The hair works best with round geometry (in the generation tab) but also produces good results with quads and maximized phong angle. It does also work with flat geometry but the parameters have to be adjusted. When using diffuse mode "2", the c4d hair shader, be careful with the brightness of the colors and check the illumination tab as the shader is not yet fully supported and does it's "own tricks" which don't work well with unbiased renderers like corona. Overbright colors, wrong specularity etc. Though, if handled carefully, it's still a viable option for rendering hair and currently, due to some engine limitations, the only mode that supports random colors for each hair. The "ctrl"-null object controls most of the important visual elements of the hair. Thickness, frizz etc. can still be controlled by the c4d_hairX material. If you like my creations, I'd be very happy over a small tip at paypal.me/EduardRiegel

  • Category: Organic
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