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Mud, puddles, tracks (proc.)

Comments (1)

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    For simple changes in glossiness or displacement etc.(changes to layers), use the gamma or b/w settings in the filter shader. If no filter shader is available, just add one. That way you can change the wetness...just don't forget to turn off the puddles noises if you're want to have a dry look. This wasn't meant to be a highly customizable material as some previous ones, it was just a fun project.

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Mud, puddles, tracks (proc.)

Back to simpler things, no Xpresso, just noises over noises. Some puddles, some tracks and displacement... Everything procedural of course. If you like my stuff and want to buy me a coffee, go to paypal.me/EduardRiegel

  • Category: Nature
  • Downloads: 2022
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