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Towel (Terry) /w seams. Fully proc.

Kommentare (4)

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    Used look (eg. after showering): Add a lot(a few hundred k) of short, fine hair. Flat or simple(tri/quad) geometry with max 4 segments is sufficient. Make sure the guides are evenly distributed and mask out the seams at the ends. Add the strands material to the hair object. Increase glossiness and spec, lower the levels of the diffuse for both materials. A layer material would do it too.

  • Durányik László
    Durányik László


  • kartivruki

    Wow!) Thanks!

  • kartivruki

    Wow!) Thanks!

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Towel (Terry) /w seams. Fully proc.

Terry Towel with top/bottom seams. Fully procedural, displacement. The preview scene uses a 5x tiling. When adding the material to a new cloth mesh, such as a plane, you should adjust the tiles(and maybe noise) shader sizes, as well as the seam-masks inside the layers to fit your mesh. The same goes for the displacement- and SSS-value. I used SSS because I added a cloth modifier and it gave better results than translucency, as it's relatively thick The SDS-surface in this scene used the opensubdiv loop mode('cause tris...) but I switched it to catmark for compatibility. You can add your own ornaments and patterns onto the material Just follow my layering example, it's pretty simple. I've also added a material for strands if you want to use hair for a close-up or "used look". Don't forget to adjust the displacement size in the render settings to fit your scene. Wanna buy me a coffee? go to

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