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Procedural Dunes 'n' Sand

Kommentare (4)

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    Again: This is intended as a foundation.

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    V 1.01 available here:

  • Iggy

    calculating displacement....crash

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    Hi Iggy. Sorry but currently I can't help you with this problem. I haven't touched CRN for over a year and thus have no license running to check the problem. As far as I have followed the development of CRN, I think the way displacement is handled has changed. That could be a problem that jumps out of the box when opening the file. At first you should try the displacement with low values. 3px for screen space and 1m for the other subdivision method. Then, if it doesn't crash, you can adjust the values. If it's still making you problems, try to get help from the forums. It'll take some time till I get back to CRN.

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Procedural Dunes 'n' Sand

A simple dune setup (Size 100 meters) you can use as your base. Everything procedural. You can easily adjust the dunes from the two gradients and their noise modifiers. When changing those, don't forget to copy the same settings into the color channel. (Material: dunes)Unfortunately, the weathering shader had to be used to blur the material to one side. It's slow in the beginning but clears up quickly. You might need to increase the samples for it or try using the unit displacement. But be careful with that as low poly artifacts may break the slopes shading or the shape becoming too sharp. Use the Layered material as the main material. Optional bump for the sand for close-ups.'(Material: dunes= Add an HDRI with a strong sunlight to the light material if you don't use CRN Sun. Another type of dune setup if you prefer another workflow. The material is called "experimental". Subdivision type "loop" recommended if available in your C4D version. Donations greatly appreciated:

  • Kategorie: Natur
  • Downloads: 2013
  • Teilen:

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