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Radial Scratches(base)

Kommentare (5)

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    I just wanted to remind again that this is meant as a foundation to build your own material. The maps that I provided are huge and even if you cut them down to a smaller size( you should), there shouldn't be tiling seams. The large size was to provide some options when doing so.

  • oswaldo


  • Claus

    Great idea, fantastic results! Thank you!

  • Eduard Riegel
    Eduard Riegel

    Thanks! Glad you like it.

  • Martin

    I can already tell you that this might be the best thing I've downloaded off this site, the results are fantastic!

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Radial Scratches(base)

Map size is set in the projector shader, not the ball as it won't be used in your other scenes. Use Base or the layered material if you want some edge wear(radius in AO mask has to be adjusted for your object, computation inverted or changed to both directions if you want to use it on a spoon) This is meant as a subtle foundation for you to work with and build your material with the help of the maps. It's good for things like spoons or other often used cutlery but can also be used on the top coat of a car paint material. The map size can be decreased further and at some point the bumps themselves will generate an anisotropic effect. The maps were created by myself, inspired by a Pixar presentation on their Car's 3 movie car material.

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